How Do They Lobby?


How Do They Lobby? allows you to understand how different interest groups lobby and give testimony across seventeen states. Using this portal, you can search and visualize CHORUS (Dataset on Policy Choice and Organizational Representation in the United States), the first comprehensive dataset of lobbying and testimony positions in state legislatures. This portal was created by the Brown Climate and Development Lab.

Search over 14 million policy positions, interest groups, and state bills.

Screenshot of search page showing a search on the positions table, on the bill title column, for "climate change"

Use the search page to query and filter specific positions, clients (interest groups), and bills of interest. Search and sort by fields such as bill title, bill topic, and interest group name. Download up to 100,000 results at once.

Click on a bill or interest group ID in the results to view a detailed page on that bill/interest group.

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Explore coalitions of interest groups.

Use the coalition networks page to explore agreements and disagreements between coalitions of interest groups.View coalitions across all bills in a state, or pick a specific bill issue/database.

Click on a coalition to zoom in and view the intra-coalition network between individual interest groups.

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